Omiš: Cradle of Croatian pirates

Omis piratesThe Caribbean is not the only place to be able to “brag” about its pirate history - Croatia also had its vicious representatives in Omiš, a town situated in the centre of Dalmatia, at the mouth of the River Cetina and only a half an hour drive from Split or Makarska. The pirates of Omiš used to raid the area back in the 12th and 13th centuries and Vatican galleys and even mightier adversaries, such as Venice, had to pay them to pass through the canal. Nowadays, two forts in Omiš serve as a reminder of the notorious history ...


Cradle of Croatian pirates

Source: The Adriatic Times


The first one is Mirabella with a view of the entire town and a somewhat higher Fortica offering an unforgettable view of the Dalmatian islands of Brač, Hvar and Šolta

Omis pirates

In addition to that, tourists can join the historical bunch during pirate nights held in August offering them a chance to see a reconstruction of a famous pirate battle or participate in the Crazy Jumps contest, a unique competition in unusual jumps into the sea.

Omis Dalmatian Harmony Singing Festival

Omiš is also famous for its Dalmatian Harmony Singing Festival where traditional Croatian harmony a capella music (5 or 8 people in a group) is performed.

You will find any type of beach you like at the Omiš Riviera - from a kilometre long sandy beach in the town’s centre to a line of gorgeous beaches with fine pebbles. What most of them have in common is a deep and natural shade. The city centre is vibrant and full of life, but those looking for a quiet contemplative place can find just that at small fishing villages all over the coast.

Omis riviera - Active Holidays

Those looking for a more active holiday will not have to look far in Omiš - in the area of just a few kilometres you will find rafting, free climbing, paragliding, diving, sailing, beach volleyball...all you adrenalin junkies have to do is take your pick.


Do not miss out on a local speciality – the soparnik pie of Poljice. This Croatian version of a pizza has traditionally been prepared by rural population from basic ingredients (flour and water dough with Swiss chard, onion, olive oil and garlic filling) and nowadays it is a must-have delicacy at every party.

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